About Us

Kubliakhanbbq.com is acquired by the owners of lightupbbq.com. For your ease we have added the following official websites of Kublai khan restaurant:

Australian Franchise

Southaven Franchise

Houston Franchise

Our Mission

Being professional pitmasters, our job is to help people find the perfect smokers and grills for their everyday use. We also share our bbq recipes with our fellow cooking enthusiasts.



Freddy Zeus

Lightupbbq was started by Freddy Zeus, an environmental engineer and a professional chef who has been around the world learning the craft of cooking. His works are in the manufacturing of smokers and other cooking appliances. To him, BBQ and grilling is an escape from the rush of the modern world. He started lightupbbq.com with his friend to share his delicious BBQ, desserts, and other recipes with like-minded people. Freddy is now working as the lead writer for lightupbbq.com



Samy is an industrial engineer and fellow meat enthusiast. He works as a graphic designer and content manager for lightupbbq.com. Samy is an experienced pitmaster. His passion for BBQ and grilling got him to travel around Japan to learn the art of delicate BBQ for his family and customers at his restaurant.

How Do We Help:

Finding the perfect grill or smoker is a tough job for a non-cooking expert.

Our team of professional pitmasters and engineers helps you to educate on all bbq related items, recipes, and appliances.

Our team spends hundreds of hours in research and writing to provide to the point information and reviews so that you don’t have to roam around the internet.

Our goal is to create the most information-oriented guides for bbq loves.

How Do Conduct Research:

Being a team of professional engineers and pitmasters, our research sets us apart from other websites.

We usually test products our self before reviewing them. We research the market as well, one of your team members research on the internet and read opinions of common users.

We compile that data into sheets and later in writing. We work hard to write each review or recipe so that common users can understand the basics concepts before investing in any product.

How We’re funded:

Lightupbbq.com is funded by organic traffic and affiliate links. If you read and purchase one of our reviewed products from Amazon, we will get a very small commission from Amazon.