Are Electric Smokers Healthy?

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Due to the amazing taste of smoked meat from the electric smokers, peoples are consuming it like insane, does electric smokers provide meat that is super healthy for you?

Electric smokers are healthy compared to other smokers because of the less smoke production, still, you need a balance by taking some precautions or reducing the intake of smoked meat.

Below are some reasons why electric smoker is healthy compared to charcoal or gas smokers?

Reasons Why Electric Smokers are Healthy Compared To Others


Electric smoker solely works on a heating element, we just need to put a few wood chips or pellets to get some smoky flavors, however, in the case of charcoal or pellet smoker they solely work on charcoal or pellets and you might know the burning of charcoal or wood produce hydrocarbon and other harmful particles that can harm a person who intakes smoked meat regularly.

In addition to that, charcoal and pellet smokers produce way dense and huge smoke compared to the electric smoker that contains carcinogenic particles, harmful flue gases, etc.

The bottom line is top-rated electric smoker limits the amount of smoke and other particles to provide somehow healthier smoked meat.

Risks of Consuming Too Much Smoked Meat

High Blood Pressure:

We always sprinkle an excessive amount of salt (sodium chloride) on smoked meat which can lead us to high blood pressure a silent killer of the current era.


As per the research of the National cancer institute (NIH), smoked meat contains a significant amount of Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which can lead to cancer if you are consuming too much.

Heart Diseases and Stroke:

Fatty red meat is the head-to-head enemy of the heart, if you are consuming the fatty meat without processing regularly and don’t do the exercises, you will be a victim of heart disease.

Tips To Reduce the Risks

Consume Less Sodium Chloride:

Restrict the amount of salt; a few grains of salt are enough.

Clean Your Smoker Regularly:

Maintenance and cleaning of the electric smokers are pretty important to remove the residues, char, etc. a properly cleaned electric smoker produces cleaner smoke compared to the unmaintained dirty smoker.

Reduce Cooking Time:

The easiest way to cut down the cooking time is to make small cuts of meat that can be cooked within a few minutes. Larger chunks of meats have to place on the grills for a long time since they should be cooked properly from the inner as well.

Provide Less Smoke to The Food:

Since an electric smoker has a standalone heating element for cooking you should have to add 1 – 2 ounces of wood for mild smoking. More you put the wood more smoke will be produced.

Marinade Properly:

Marination of the meat with vinegar and other citrus reduces the levels of (HCAs) and (PAHs) when the meat is cooked at a high temperature. You can get in-depth knowledge about the marinating from the research of Mr. J. Scott Smith.

Avoid Burning:

Burned meat contains lots more(HCAs) and (PAHs) compared to the normally cooked meat, make sure to avoid burning, if you found the upper layer is somehow burned remove the thin upper layer with a knife and start eating inner meat.

Use Processed Hardwood:

Finely processed hardwood without resins could produce less amount of char and smoke; however, the unprocessed wood with resins produces a huge amount of dirty dense smoke that can be hazardous for health.

Add Some Fresh Herbs:

According to science daily, fresh herbs contain a sufficient amount of antioxidants that react with the carcinogenic compounds and try to destroy them.

Remove Fat Content from Meat:

Remove excess fat from the meat, I know fat is the most powerful ingredient to get an amazing test but limit it to the minimum level.

Regulate the Meat Intake:

Reduce the intake of red meat, regular eating could lead you to a serious problem. As per the study of the American Institute for cancer, limit your meat intake to 350 – 500g per weak, also you should split them in three days. I usually consume 150g – 170g of smoked meat three times a week.

Consume White Meat:

Though white meat is not the favorite of every meat lover but they contain less fat compared to red meat.

Do Exercise:

Exercise is the most efficient way to burn the fat and digest the meat properly; it helps you to regulate the blood flow and balance your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Keep Balance the Meat Intake With Vegetables:

The bottom of the electric smoker contains a water pan where you can put some green vegies that not only infuses flavor to the meat but also provide tasty gravy. You can take some gravy and veggies as a side dish.

Wrapping – Up

Balance is the key, keep regulating your meat intake or you can put some green veggies on your plate to balance the diet. I mostly add some sweet potatoes some green veggies like broccoli etc.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

Is electric smoker carcinogenic?

Yes, A Chunk of meat cooked with an electric smoker contains some amount of carcinogenic particles unless you have processed it properly.

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