Can You Use An Electric Smoker In The Garage?

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After receiving multiple queries about “Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Garage?” we are decided to make a detailed guide about is it’s safe to use an electric smoker in a garage? If it is safe then what precautionary measures should be taken before using it? Also what type of smoker could be hazards free?

Other than that we have also listed the top 5 places where you can use your electric smoker fearlessly.

Can You Use An Electric Smoker In The Garage?

It depends, if you have a traditional electric smoker and you want to operate it in a non-ventilated garage, it could be a life-threatening risk for you. The burning of wood chips not only fire hazard but also emit a silent killer called carbon monoxide, however if you have a smoker that is specially labeled for indoors you can use it without having adequate ventilation.

Why You Can’t Use Traditional Electric Smokers In A Garage?

There are the following valid reasons you can’t use a traditional electric smoker.

Carbon Monoxide Danger:

Most electric smokers emit carbon monoxide when they burn fuel like wood chips, briquettes, pallets, etc. CO aka carbon monoxide is a silent killer which will leave you unconscious within a matter of minutes. If you are operating an electric smoker within a closed space or garage with no ventilation, you are at great risk of affecting by carbon monoxide.

Fire Hazards:

Lots of fire-sensitive things are available in our garage like cart boards, golf bags, or even some time we have flammable fluids like gasoline, propane, or diesel. Though an electric smoker doesn’t leave the open fire, still the components of it become too hot which can ignite fire instantly, or sometimes the cord of the electric smoker broken and start sparking like crazy. We always suggest our readers keep inspecting the cord of the electric smoker periodically.

Leaves Smell For A Long Time:

Using an electric smoker in the garage can leave a smoky smell for a long time. Though we can reduce it by ventilation still some smoke particles stick with the old furniture, bags, and other things available in the garage. As per our experience, it will last for about 7 – 10 days if you have done smoking in a less ventilated garage.

Precautionary Measures For Using Electric Smokers In Garage

Use Indoor Electric Smoker:


Yes, there is something called indoor electric smokers that can be used indoors fearlessly, though they may not provide the taste and cooking area like a big smoker, still it is a good solution to avoid fire hazards.

Keep Ventilate Your Garage:

Ventilate your garage so that the flue gases can merge with the natural air. This will dilute the amount of Carbon monoxide, hence you will be free from this silent killer.

Install CO Detector:

A Carbon monoxide detector is a must whether you are using an electric smoker, stove, fire pit, etc. this will give you an indication of when the concentration of CO touches dangerous levels.

Places Where You Can Use Your Electric Smoker Safely

1. Patio:

A patio is the best place to arrange your BBQ party since it has a flat concert surface with no fire catchy things like carpet, curtains, etc. Due to the flat surface of the patio and proper ventilation, the air flows properly beneath and around the electric smoker, which increases the cooking efficiency drastically.  Make sure to keep the smoker 20 fts away from the furniture and house wall.

2. Backyard:


Like a patio a backyard is also a place to enjoy your BBQ parties safely, since it is open and a few meters away from the house you don’t have to fear about fire and carbon monoxide, however, you should have to select a flat area with a concrete or hard muddy surface.

Don’t select an inclined area, you can lose your food or the grass of the backyard.

3. Well ventilated Porch:

Ventilated porch will work perfectly but you have to care about the following thing.

  • Make sure that your electric smoker should be at least 5 ft. away from the walls of porch.
  • Keep remove the curtains and other fire catchy things.
  • Don’t block the ventilations; keep natural cross ventilation of air.

4. Smoking Canopy:

A well-ventilated smoking canopy on a flat surface will work like a charm since the whole smoke merge with fresh air and your electric smoker gets sufficient airflow from all sides to prepare your delicious brisket efficiently.

5. Open Public Spaces:


You can use an electric smoker safely in public areas like a camping ground etc. but you have to take permission from local authorities. Some states have banned the use of smokers; you have to get permission if you want to avoid a heavy fine. Also if you are close to your house, make sure to take a heavy-duty card to avoid sparking problems.

Wrapping – Up

Hope we have successfully cleared your quarries like Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Garage? If yes, what type of smoker it should be? Or what precaution measures should be taken?

We strictly forbid our users to not use a traditional electric smoker in a garage.

Still, if you want to use please purchase the latest indoor smokers.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a smoker in the garage with the door open?

Yes, if your garage is ventilated enough with no fire catchy things. Also, you can use indoor smokers as well.

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