Smoked Cheese – Smokey & Creamy

Buying smoked cheese can be expensive at some grocery stores. You can do it by yourself with the help of a smoker easily. Only 1 hour will be required to make your smoked cheese.


  • Cut any of these cheese into 1-1/2 × 1-1/2 × 4 blocks
  • Medium cheddar cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Gouda Cheese
  • Ice Cubes to fill a 9 × 3 baking dish


Step 1: Use wood chips of your choice and prepare the smoker by preheating at 120 degrees. Measure temperature with the help of gauge so external and smoker temperature would be same.

Step 2: Cut cheese in uniform blocks and line the bottom of the cheese smoking cake pan with foil to avoid mess (it’s optional).

Step 3: Fill the baking dish with ice cubes to prevent cheese from melting while allowing the smoke to distribute evenly among cheese.

Step 4: Put the cheese tray inside the smoker and ice cube directly underneath that tray. Smoke shouldn’t escape so lock the door.

Step 5: Smoke for 20 minutes at 120 degrees Fahrenheit then turn off the smoker. Wait for 40 minutes at least before opening it.

Step 6: After 40 minutes bring in cheese and wrap them in plastic wrap individually, then place them inside the fridge.

Do not slice and open cheese for 2 days.

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